Colorado overall feels like a very clean state. Even with large cities like Denver, they still seem cleaner than many other metropolises in the nation. Sure, Denver does have some areas that are less than clean, some would say that these areas are dirty, but in comparison to other places, our cities and towns remain in better condition compared to places like New York City, Detroit, and Houston.

Despite what I might feel about our Colorado cities, the Centennial State does have rankings with some of the dirtiest cities in the nation. According to LawnStarter, Colorado has four of the dirtiest cities on the list.

Colorado's Dirtiest Cities

Lawn Starter ranks cities based on four key factors. Those factors are:

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  • Pollution
  • Living Conditions
  • Infrastructure
  • Consumer Satisfaction

The Northern Colorado city of Fort Collins is the cleanest of the dirtiest cities in Colorado. Ranked at 98. The pollution in Fort Collins ranked as the 67th most polluted city on the list. The next city might come as a surprise to many in Colorado for being the third dirtiest city, Denver. Ranking at 74, Denver has an overall rank of 44 when it comes to pollution. The second dirtiest city in Colorado is located in Southern Colorado. Outranking both Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado Springs is the 59th dirtiest city on the list with a pollution rank of  55.

Colorado's Dirtiest City

When it comes to the dirtiest city in the state, you do not have to venture far away from the Mile High City. Aurora, Colorado, has ranked as the dirtiest city in the state at 39. Aurora's pollution is the highest at 38 and the infrastructure ranking is the fourth worst in the nation.

While only one Colorado city ranked in the top 50 dirtiest cities in the nation, many other places like Jersey City, New Jersey, Detroit, Michigan, San Bernadino, California, and Newark, New Jersey, make it into the top five dirtiest cities in the United States. The dirtiest city in the United States is Houston, Texas. Houston's pollution ranking is the third worst in the nation and living conditions ranked as the fourth worst in the nation. To see more on the dirtiest cities in the United States, see the full list at

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