Technology is always changing and evolving. Colorado is experiencing a surge in innovative tech. New advancements are emerging at an exponential rate, leading to even faster development and new gadgets.

Whether you like the idea of drones or not, get ready to see more of them airborne in Colorado cities and towns.

Get Ready To See More Drones in Colorado


You might have seen people flying drones in recreational areas across Colorado. I recently saw a guy flying a drone at Boulder Falls. It was a little annoying and distracting, but I believe he will have some cool footage.

One thing we can expect soon is to see drones deliver packages. Drone package delivery is already happening across the country. It is not entirely common yet, but it is only a matter of time.

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There will be another use of drones in Colorado relatively soon.

Denver Police Makes Budget Cuts


Denver Police announced massive budget cuts. The total amount of budget cuts for the Denver Police Department is $8.4 million.

That is quite a budget cut.

It was also recently announced that Denver Police will issue less tickets for minor traffic violations. There has been a lot of change for the Denver Police Department. Another major change is coming soon.

Law Enforcement Drones Across Colorado

The Denver Police Department, like many other cities across the nation, believes that drones are going to be a major part of law enforcement in the future.

Denver Police, along with 20 agencies in the Front Range, will start sending drones for emergency calls that are not extremely urgent.

Of course, the Denver Police Department and other agencies will still be present. This technology simply allows them to be more places than before thus making our neighborhoods, cities, towns, and state more safe.

DPD will be investing $100,000 for drones from a grant.

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However, if you ask them if there are things that can make Colorado a better state, these are some of the things that they'll say.

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Northern Colorado has definitely seen its share of floods: The Big Thompson Flood of 1976, the Spring Creek Flood of 1997, and the "1,000-year floods" of 2013, stand out especially.

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