When you bring your family, friends, and yourself to a Colorado park, you want to ensure you are safe. When we think about safety regarding parks we typically think about crime.

We often forget about natural factors when it comes to enjoying ourselves at our favorite park.

You might want to watch out and be alert next time you go to Twin Silos Park in Fort Collins.

Safety Hazard in Fort Collins

Twin Silos is by far one of the most popular parks in Northern Colorado. The park is extremely family friendly and the silos make the park unique and fun for the entire family.

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There are great walking paths, a BMX dirt track, a community garden, a barbecue area, and a river.

As a Fort Collins resident, I have confidence in saying that it is my favorite park in Fort Collins.

However, there is a major safety hazard at the popular park. A rabid bat was located near Ziegler and Ketcher roads. The Larimer County Department of Health has officially notified residents that a bat with rabies was found on the northwest corner of the park.

What Fort Collins Residents Should Do


If you live or visit the area you should be more aware of your surroundings than you normally are.

We are not saying you should not go to this park anymore. We are saying to keep this in mind.

Bats are most active at night between dusk and dawn. However, bats with rabies act abnormally and can be seen during daylight hours.

The Larimer County Department of Health also says to call them if you or anybody else comes in contact with the bat. Their phone number is 970-498-6666. Also, this is a reminder of the importance of the rabies vaccine for your pets.

Source: Larimer County Department of Health and Environment

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