When you go to many stores around the holidays in Northern Colorado you will see bell ringers for The Salvation Army.

During the holidays I try my best to make a conscious effort to carry cash with me at all times so I can contribute.

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Most of us typically give a dollar or two when we see the bell ringers outside our favorite grocery store. One Fort Collins resident did not give money but gave something to The Salvation Army that is much more valuable.

Rare Item Given in Fort Collins, Colorado

YouTube Screenshot: Sovereign Saurus
YouTube Screenshot: Sovereign Saurus

An anonymous donor donated a rare coin that is worth $2,100. According to the Sun, the coin is from South Africa and it is referred to as a krugerrand.

Krugerrands are gold bullion coins minted in South Africa. The Krugerrand was first minted in 1967, a co-production of the South African Mint and the Rand Refinery, a precious metals refining company. - Corporate Finance Institute

Not the First Time This Has Happened in Fort Collins


The tradition of donating Krugerrands to The Salvation Army dates back to 1998. For the past 25 years, an anonymous donor has been making these generous donations. The Coloradan reported that the coin was donated to King Soopers in south Fort Collins.

This is such a cool tradition in the Choice City. I find it fascinating that nobody has any idea who the person is who makes over a $2,000 donation every holiday season.

Typically when people make large donations they have no problem being in the spotlight. This goes to show that this person wants to contribute for the right reasons.

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