If you live in Fort Collins, or ever have, you know there is a major housing issue. The housing shortage has been an issue for quite a few years, but it seems like the housing shortage has come to a boiling point.

I moved into a new home in Fort Collins last year. The process was not a good one. When I would search for a home, apartment, or townhome they would quickly become unavailable.

I had to be on top of brand-new listings. Otherwise, they would be taken. It reminded me of Black Friday shopping.

Thankfully, I was able to find a home that fit my needs. It was obvious that housing was in high demand because rentals were getting taken in the blink of an eye. Fort Collins is not the only city that deals with this issue.

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Many towns and cities in Colorado deal with similar issues.

New Townhomes Coming to Fort Collins

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Google Maps

New townhomes have been officially proposed in Fort Collins. The townhomes would be built in Old Town by Oak Street. The townhomes would be built where Community of Christ Church was at 220 E. Oak St.

The Planning and Zoning Commission of Fort Collins officially gave the project a thumbs up and these townhomes will be coming to Old Town.

There is no official date on when construction will begin.

Will More Construction Be Coming to Old Town?


It certainly seems like there is going to be a lot of housing in Old Town Fort Collins. This is not the only major housing project in the Choice City.

It was recently announced that 175 new apartments could be built on Linden and Willow Street. It is obvious that the City of Fort Collins wants more people living closer to downtown.

I love my house in Northern Fort Collins, but I might have to consider moving.

Source: The Coloradoan

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