There are many unique businesses in the city of Fort Collins. What can we say, the Choice City has a ton of local businesses that you can not find anywhere else.

As a Fort Collins resident, I appreciate the special and distinctive businesses that make the Choice City a special place.

A favorite movie theater and entertainment space is officially up for sale.

The Lyric in Fort Collins Is Now Available

A Reddit user found a listing for the Lyric online. The Lyric has not yet announced any intention of selling the space.


The Lyric is a phenomenal place that brings Northern Coloradans together. Of course, the Lyric is a great place to watch movies, but it also is a bar and restaurant, event space, live music venue, and they host numerous events that brings the community together.

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I certainly hope if this location is sold that they are able to find a different location.

Their outdoor theater is a staple and a favorite amongst Northern Colorado residents.

The Listing in Fort Collins

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Lyric has been at the location on North College Avenue since 2017. For their first ten years, they operated at a different location.

The Lyric's asking price is $6.75 million. Biz Buy Sell says that the annual cash flow is $2.6 million. The listing emphasizes that the Lyric is the only independent movie theater in the market.

The listing describes the lyric as a unique turn-key movie theater and community art hub.

You can take a look at the listing here.

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Town Pump opened on February 26, 1909 Old Town Fort Collins. Over 100 years later, the tiny bar is still serving the community.

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