Back in 2020, odd mirrored monoliths started to appear around the globe. No one could explain them, no one knew where they came from, and no one knew what they were from.

According to ABC News, the last reported monolith appeared on December 2, 2020, in California in San Luis Obispo County. Fast forward to 2024 and they started to appear again. The first monolith of 2024 appeared on March 12 in Wales, United Kingdom. The second appearance of a monolith happened last week on Monday, June 17, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Mysterious Monolith Appears in Northern Colorado

Another monolith appears to have shown up in our neck of the woods. Photos have been posted to various Facebook groups in Northern Colorado and on Reddit. The monolith appears to have a shiny, mirror-like finish that easily reflects the sky and clouds.

Photos have been posted of the Northern Colorado monolith that has appeared in Bellvue off of Larimer County Roads 54e and 25e by Noosa Yoghurt. Currently, we have no information other than the photos that have been shared on social media regarding the mysterious monolith. Here are some photos that have been taken of the strange object.

Aliens in Bellevue
byu/Parrhesia80 inFortCollins

Alien use of pallets
byu/_The_Naysayer_ inFortCollins

Strange, isn't it? What do you think it means? Could a resident be signaling intelligence from space or is it just a prank to get everyone in Fort Collins talking about it? Either way, we want to know.

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