The dog days of summer are far from over thanks to the paws-ome canine-focused networking app that's recently been unleashed in Colorado.

Created in 2016, Sniffspot allows hosts around the country to rent out their personal spaces as private dog parks. The idea is to give peoples' pooches the opportunity to sniff, run, and play in total comfort and without fear.

Many dog owners do not like taking their pets to public dog parks due to safety concerns and other risky factors. Sniffspot alleviates anxiety surrounding the situation, while still providing a fun and enriching, off-leash experience for the dog.

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Ben Pitasky/Unsplash
Ben Pitasky/Unsplash

The hosts on Sniffspot are locals who rent their yards and private land to dog owners in the area. These spots are designed for safety; both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit. Hosts are in charge of keeping their park areas clean, and many go out of their way to provide visitors with exceptional experiences.

Listings can be filtered by state, and further down by city. App users can view information about the spots, including open times, park entrance details, and current conditions. Each host sets their own price, so you can check the cost per hour on the specific Sniffspot dog park listing. Most are between $5 - $15 per dog per hour, however, prices vary based on size, fencing, and amenities, such as water or drinking fountains for dogs, park benches, WiFi accessibility, etc.

The dog-friendly sites are broken down into a variety of categories, such as agility parks, beaches, and indoor and outdoor places.

In Colorado, dog owners can book all sorts of different spots. The "Half Acre of Canine Heaven" in Fort Collins and "Mountain Paradise" in Black Hawk are just two of the top options, but there are dozens to browse through.

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All rules and regulations must be obeyed by pet owners, which includes things like picking up waste and making sure the dog is rabies-vaccinated prior to booking. Dogs with a bite history are not permitted at any of the parks listed on Sniffspot. Only one party is allowed to enter a spot during the specified time slot that's booked.

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