The Colorado zoo that has been operating for more than 128 years announced on Tuesday, that changes to the park have been made. The Denver Zoo has connected Coloradans and visitors worldwide to wildlife that they otherwise might not be able to see.

The Denver Zoo located at 2300 Steele Street in the heart of Denver has over 2,500 different species of animals living and thriving at the park. The main mission of the Denver Zoo is to inspire communities to save wildlife for future generations. This mission statement is more important now than ever.

Major Changes at the Denver Zoo

The announcement of the change has not much to do with the animals of the zoo or how it operates. Rather, in the name. The Denver Zoo has officially changed the zoo's name to the Denver Zoo Conservation Alliance. See the announcement of the name change below:

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More Changes at the Denver Zoo Conservation Alliance

There is also another change at the Colorado zoo. The Denver Zoo Conservation Alliance has also partnered with the brand, Be a Good Person, for new merchandise which will only be available to staff, volunteers, and members of the Denver Zoo Conservation Alliance.


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