It is truly remarkable how wild animals adapt to their environment in Colorado. I have three cats, and one of them acts like it has injured its paw if you don't give it enough attention.

Another one of my cats throws a fit if I forget to clean the litter box for the second time in a day.

And the other one likes to howl in the middle of the night if I forget to turn the lamp off.

They are ridiculous and incredibly spoiled. They wouldn't stand a chance in the wild. Or even an hour. Enough about my entitled cats.

Let's talk about the most metal and hardcore turkey that calls Fort Collins home.

Archer the Fort Collins Turkey


A user posted on Reddit that they were reasonably concerned when they spotted a turkey with an arrow through its body.

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Warning: This photo could be graphic for some. 

Turkey with an arrow through it.
byu/Sclerocactus inFortCollins

Before you think the turkey is injured here is the story.

Colorado Turkey Has Lived With This

According to multiple users, this turkey is a legend in the Choice City. One user reported that the turkey lived in this condition for seven years. I can't help but to feel bad for this little guy. However, users say that the turkey is doing well.

Another user said they called to see if somebody could help although they did not specify who. The person they spoke to said they had tried to catch the turkey multiple times but had failed.

The turkey has been named Archer by City Parks employees.

Hopefully, somebody can help Archer soon. But we are all amazed and impressed that this turkey has survived and thrived this long.

You can learn more about Archer here.

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