Most of Colorado's ski areas have seasons that span from about mid-November/December through late April. However, as long as the weather permits, some resorts can stay open until spring or even into the early summer.

It sounds impossible, but there have been times when skiers and snowboarders have gotten to hit the slopes in July and August in Colorado. At higher elevations up in the mountains, it continues to snow later into the year, which allows some ski areas to remain open longer.


Arapahoe Basin, also known as A-Basin, usually has the longest ski season in Colorado. It's one of the first resorts to open and one of the last to close each year. In fact, A-Basin after opening in October, the ski area is currently still open for the 2023-'24 season, with 42 out of 145 runs accessible. The mountain has not received any recent snowfall. A-Basin's projected closing date is June 2, but that could change depending on the snow conditions and other factors.

It's no surprise then, that A-Basin holds the record for the latest a Colorado ski resort has stayed open for a season. Since the ski area opened in 1946, its latest closing date on record is August 10, 1995. According to Fox31 News, the especially snowy spring accounted for lots of accumulation at the resort that stuck around into the summer.

In addition to A-Basin, Winter Park is another resort that is still open for the '23-'24 season. The popular resort is projected to close on May 26. Some Coloradans celebrate the warm weather by wearing shorts, tank tops, or t-shirts on the snowy trails.

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