It takes a very interesting billboard to capture somebody's attention in Colorado. The billboard that captures my attention the most are the billboards leading to Buc-ee's on I-25.

I'll be honest, most billboards are not very interesting. Additionally, Colorado is not littered with billboards like other states.

A new billboard that appeared in Denver is causing a lot of tension between Wyoming and Colorado.

Denver Billboard Ignites Rage (For Some)

The billboard came from the Laramie County Sheriff's Office and it says "Work in Wyoming where breaking the law is still illegal & cops are funded!".

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This billboard is in direct response to Denver Mayor Mike Johnson's decision to enforce budget cuts for law enforcement.

Mayor Johnson, as well as Denver Police, responded by saying that Denver Police have better pay and they find the billboard completely ridiculous.

Getting Pulled Over in Denver

A new policy has been put in place that Denver Police will no longer issue tickets for minor traffic infractions such as expired tags and headlights and taillights that are not in working condition.

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You can learn more about that here.

Colorado vs. Wyoming Police Ranked


A recent study analyzed the best and worst states to be a police officer. Colorado ranked as the fifth-best state. Wyoming on the other hand ranked 24th.

The ranking was based on opportunity and competition, as well as job hazards and training.

Many are calling the billboard controversial due to the fact that Wyoming is calling out Denver, and really, Colorado in general.

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