Have you ever been driving just a tad over the speed limit and then a police cruiser somehow ended up behind you while on the road in Colorado? I have had that happen before and it is a major shot of adrenaline and anxiety. While I maintain driving as close to the speed limit as possible, there are some times when I may be going a couple of miles over the speed limit. Even though I am going with the flow of traffic, having a police officer get behind you while you are driving your car can be nerve-wracking.

You're now less likely to get pulled over by police in Denver, Colorado

A new policy that was enacted on May 1 means you're less likely to get pulled over in the city of Denver. According to KDVR, the new policy states that Denver Police officers will not be pulling drivers over for minor traffic infractions.

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The goal of the new policy is to prioritize the enforcement of safety-related traffic incidents and improve Denver Police Department response times to other calls. The new policy also tries to limit the adverse impact of strict enforcement of lower-level offenses to improve public trust.


Letting low-level traffic offenses slip by the wayside should also lead to more efficient use of Denver police officers' time and enhance officer safety. The Denver Police Department says that drivers can still be ticketed for low level offenses if drivers are pulled over for a more serious violation.

Low-level traffic offenses in Denver, Colorado

Low-level traffic offenses include, but are not limited to things like expired tags and a headlight or taillight being burnt out while you are on the roads of Denver.

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