Traveling into the Colorado mountains on the weekends on I-70 can be a test of anyone's patience. The weekend of January 26-28 will take extraordinary patience if you should attempt it.

Hundreds of cars, snow, more cars. It seems "the powers that be" all got together to pick this one weekend to wreak havoc on Colorado travelers.

Maybe you should just stay home.

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When the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) puts out an alert about how traffic is expected to be heavier than usual in the Mountain corridor for the weekend, you know it's serious. That's what they have done for the last weekend of January 2024.

Three Reasons Why I-70 Will be 'Murder' January 26-28, 2024

It's like these three event organizers conspired to make Coloradans drive up into the mountains (to go skiing, or hiking, or just to get away for the weekend,) terrible.

  • X Games Aspen

Free to attend, over 100 of the world's top winter athletes will be in Aspen to compete in the 23rd annual event. 100 athletes, along with their support team, and all the people wanting to watch the event, will mean a lot of vehicles on I-70.

  • The International Snow Sculpture Championships

Breckenridge will be continuing with its annual event, which has been going on for over 30 years; the championships run January 21-31, 2024. Who doesn't love seeing snow sculptures? Hundreds will be heading to Breck to check this out, putting more cars onto I-70.

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  • Rocky Mountain Freestyle  - Mogul Classic 2024

Vail will be the setting for this annual mogul and dual-mogul skiing competition, January 27-28, 2024. Scores of competitors, and their support teams, will be traveling up I-70 to get their "gnar" on.

From CDOT:

Motorists are urged to plan ahead of time, prepare for delays and consider alternate modes of transportation, including taking the Colorado Department of Transportation’s bus services which include Bustang, Snowstang and Pegasus. 

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