Many will search cold cases in Colorado to see if there's a lead, regarding what a man near Grand Junction found in May of 2024.

In western Colorado, south of Fruita and northwest of Grand Junction, a man who owns a countertop epoxy firm in Grand Junction came across a "collection." A collection that on one hand can seem just "weird," but on the other, it seems "creepy."

You can't deny that it's odd, to find all these women's shoes; high-heeled shoes, near a pond. What's the story behind ten pairs of random-sized high-heeled women's shoes near a "well-hidden pond?"

Man Finds Multiple Pairs of Women's Shoes in Remote Area of Colorado

In mid-May of 2024, Levi Comstock, owner of Countertop Epoxy, posted a video about his discovery via the company's YouTube account; if only in the hopes that somebody seeing the video could help determine "what" the find was.

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The shoes/boots, all have a match, so Levi found 10 actual pairs along the shoreline of this pond. The pond's water had receded enough to expose many of the ten pairs, where normally, the water would cover them up.

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In the video, Levi states that he did contact the local sheriff's office, who told him that the find is "probably nothing;" but it's definitely "something." Are these things left by a serial killer?

Where in Colorado is This Pond and the Mysterious Shoes?

Levi mentions the Book Cliffs; the area of which, is north of Fruita, not far from Grand Junction.

Brook Cliffs area of Colorado
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Levi's video was posted on X, where many took to commenting on the find:

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