With all the big movie theaters in Colorado, most of them are in larger cities. When it comes to smaller towns, like mountain towns in Colorado, having a movie theater is convenient and fun.

There are a lot of "big names" in Colorado when it comes to movie theater chains: Cinemark, Metrolux, AMC, Harkins, etc. There are really only a few, scattered "local" movie theaters these days, and one is about to shutter.

For a classic movie theater in Estes Park, time is definitely running out for it to stay open, unless they can make their new plan work.

The Reel Mountain Theater in Estes Park is reaching out to members of community of not only Estes Park, but the surrounding areas, to stay open. According to the Estes Park Trail Gazette, their plan is to get at least 2,000 subscription members.

How Much are Memberships at Reel Mountain in Estes Park?

  • $14 for 12 and under.
  • $19 for Students (13-19) and Seniors (62+.)
  • $24 for Adults.

What Does Reel Mountain's Memberships Include?

  • Unlimited Movies at Reel Mountain and Historic Park Theatre.
  • $1 off food and beverage.
  • $1 off alcoholic beverages at Historic Park Theatre.
  • Discounted Events.
  • 10% discount on theater rentals.
  • Pause/cancel membership at any time.
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Reel Mountain is a small little movie theater near the Stanley Hotel in Estes; it has three screens, its own parking lot, a concessions and a great atmosphere.

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If Reel Mountain were to close, the Historic Park Theatre would remain, but it's not a "real" movie theater, it's more for "events." Without Reel Mountain, folks in Estes would have to drive down into Loveland, Fort Collins, or Longmont, to see a "first run" flick.

August 2024 May Bring the End of Reel Mountain in Estes Park

Getting 2,000 unlimited memberships is a lofty goal for Reel Mountain; in March of 2024, they had only gotten 250.

From Reel Mountain:

We need 2000 members by the end of June, or we will need to close the Reel in August. Become a Movie Hero today!


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