At at time when it seems like more and more Colorado craft breweries are closing, one has expanded, to having two locations.

Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project, based out of Loveland since 2013, opened its second location in April of 2024; That newer location took over a spot vacated by a longtime Fort Collins brewery/restaurant.

There definitely are not a lot of Colorado craft brewers that have multiple locations, so Verboten opening a second spot set them apart from many.  "Verboten" translates from German to English as "Forbidden," but nothing forbade them from going for more.

Black Bottle Brewing in Fort Collins is Now Verboten

It was in the summer of 2020 that Black Bottle Brewery, at Prospect and College in Fort Collins, first entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In November of 2023, they closed their doors after having been open since 2012.

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Before the closure of Black Bottle, it was announced that Verboten would be coming in to take over their space. Being near a busy intersection and close to the CSU campus, it is a prime location, that Black Bottle had many years of success at.

Key Differences Between Loveland and Fort Collins Verboten

With the new location, fans of Verboten will find a few things that make Fort Collins different:

  • No dogs allowed inside.  Since the Fort Collins Verboten has a kitchen, customers won't be able to bring their dogs (cats, etc.) inside with them.
  • No garage door(s). The Downtown Loveland location has a garage door that opens to the front patio, "Verboten North" as they call it, does not.
  • Glassware. Verboten North's glasses are different than the original Verboten's Belgian-style glasses.
  • Cocktails & Wine: The Fort Collins Verboten location has more than craft beer and soft drinks to enjoy.

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Take a look at the two Verbotens, as of April, 2024:

Verboten Brewing's Second Location in Colorado

Based in Loveland, Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project opened their second location in Fort Collins in spring of 2024.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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