Being a hotel security guard no doubt comes with its fair share of wild stories. Breaking up parties, breaking up fights, chasing after people who dodge their room or bar charges, and more - I assume - top the list of some of the routine things you need to do for work.

On occasion, I'm sure looking after celebrities in the hotel may be fun. I would also assume the odd "weird" complaint may arise, and if you've ever seen some kind of horror movie, it's always the security guy with a flashlight that goes looking for whatever just made that noise which usually doesn't end well.

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In the case of a security guard at the St. Regis Aspen Resort up in Aspen, CO this week, it was definitely the latter.

There were reports of a bear wandering into the hotel and entering the hotel kitchen. An unnamed security guard followed the bear into the kitchen and got the surprise of his life when he turned the corner and the bear reared up on his hind legs, throwing a haymaker at him which sent the security guard flying.

Fortunately for the man, his injuries were minor and he was taken to the hospital, treated, and released. And fortunately for us, this whole incident was captured on security cameras, showing again why you do not mess with wildlife in the State of Colorado.

The bear has yet to be apprehended, and investigators encourage people in Aspen to be "bear aware" and keep an eye out.

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