When it's time for a night out in Denver, you wan to do it right; doing so, might mean stopping at only "the best places in Denver for a drink."

Whether it be a drink to start of the night, to end the night, or just for the sake of stopping in, there are three in The Mile High City" that rate among the best.

Maybe you want to impress a date, a boss, or a friend from out of town; bookmark these places to help ensure a winning outing.

The Denver Post has the story about these three bars in Denver that were acknowledged as regional honorees at the 2024 the Spirited Awards, which is part of the annual Tales of the Cocktail Conference.

These three were part of a list of 10 in the western U.S. deemed as "great;" one of which could be named THE best in all of America., later in 2024.

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Three "Must Visit" Bars That Are in Denver

  • Yacht Club
Yacht Club Bar in Denver
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Yacht Club Bar at 3701 Williams Street, prides itself on being "an anti-club club"

 .. a nerdy cocktail bar, a natural wine bar, and your favorite dive bar all in one. We believe in accessibility to deliciousness and that a good time shouldn’t be unattainable, but rather had by all.

The Spirited Awards noted Yacht Club as not only having the Best Bar Team in the western U.S., but also as having the Best Cocktail Bar in the western U.S. If anything, I need to see that bar, now.

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  • Hey Kiddo & OK Yeah

Hey Kiddo & OK Yeah, together at 4337 Tennyson, were both honored as being Best New Cocktail Bar in the Western U.S. With OK Yeah, only open Wednesday through Saturday: anyplace that's "behind," or "in the back of" another place, is a "must" in my book.

On the bright side, you only have to stop twice to visit all three of these Best bars in Denver.

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