Here in Colorado, there are plenty of great options for places to eat.

Want to go somewhere romantic? Go check out Rioja in Denver. Looking to stuff yourself at a buffet? Make the way down to Nederland for Kathmandu.

However, there are also plenty of great Chinese spots in the area, like Lotus Chinese Kitchen in Thornton, a real hidden gem.

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Another restaurant seems to be taking the title of the best Chinese spot in Colorado. This one is getting national attention.

Fortune Wok to Table in Denver Ranked by as the Best Chinese Restaurant in Colorado

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Fortune Wok to Table in Denver has established itself as quite the destination for Coloradans looking for high-quality Chinese food. notes that it has received quite a few accolades over the years.

It has received acclaim for being one of the best restaurants in Denver by the online publication Eater.

It has also received acclaim from Zagat, who said the restaurant has the best dumplings in all of Denver.

Fortune Wok to Table Brings You a Chinese Cuisine Experience With Layers. Literally

Yelp // Matt C.
Yelp // Matt C.

What makes Fortune Wok to Table such an intriguing destination is its main gimmick: a restaurant that is split between two floors.

The first floor is first come first serve, and is what they call their casual area. Their menu for this floor is full of Chinese favorites, like their dumplings, Shanghainese street noodles, and their fine-grain fried rice.

If you’re looking for a more upscale dining experience on this menu, the seasonal delights section has plenty of great, albeit a bit pricier, options.

However, if you really want to ball out, you need to head to the second floor.

The second floor has just one table, and to get it, you need to make a reservation. It’s a six-person minimum, costing $268 per person.

The price is steep, sure, but you will be treated to a nine-course meal of the finest Chinese dishes they have to offer. You also need a minimum of four bottles of wine with the meal as well. Make sure you’ve got a safe ride home after having experienced the second floor.

The Reviews for Fortune Wok to Table Are Incredibly Positive

Yelp // Satoru A.
Yelp // Satoru A.

Over on, people are head over heels for Fortune Wok to Table.

Hannah S. loves that the menu is more specialized, noting that she

“…appreciated how simple they kept it, because it made figuring out what you wanted so easy”

Nina B. also sings the praises for Fortune Wok to Table and has become a regular at the place.

“I love this place so much. It's almost comfort food at this point. It's always so tasty and so worth it every time.”

Finally, Dylan S. says this place is a perfect spot that not many people seem to know about.

“Fortune Wok to Table is definitely a place to be considered. It's a hidden gem that is simple yet packed with flavorful eats.”

With rave reviews from national outlets and local reviewers alike, it makes a ton of sense why Fortune Wok to Table is one of Colorado’s top Chinese Restaurants.

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