Another scam in Colorado? If you're a Chase Bank customer, avoid these bogus links used to steal your information. Here's what to look for to avoid this Chase Bank scam.

Chase Bank Scam To Watch Out For

Scams in the WWW

These scammers in 2024 aren't always that smart, but they are becoming a lot more resourceful. Maybe it's an AI phone call, a DM on socials, an email, or more frequently lately, a text message.

Scamming is out of control these days and these scams are coming at us from all angles and harder than ever. Have people just completely lost their minds since 2020 and are just out to screw people over? Possibly...

The spam calls and texts have been at an all-time high for me these last few weeks. I've gotten 2 calls this morning already and this text from "Chase." Here's how to spot the fake text from them to avoid being scammed...

Fake Chase Bank Texts From 55985

Just about every time I see my dad, he'll show me a message on his phone and ask if it's legit or not so he doesn't;t get scammed. The sad reality is that these scammers have gotten so good that it's harder for most people to tell if they're legit or not. Most aren't...

I received this text this morning about my Chase card needing attention...

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

While Chase does text me from time to time wish account issues, this one game from a different number. Pro tip, save the Chase text number so you know if it's legit. They almost always send messages from the same number.

To be sure this was legit or not, I did't click on the number, but I did Google it and found that it was in fact a fake scammer text. While the ""  link looks legit because it's their actual website, the hyperlink would have taken me to a site that wasn;t actually and had me log in, stealing my bank info.

While it seems easy for some to spot, these people scam thousands of dollars out of people just like this because some people just don't know what they're looking for. Hopefully, this helps you protect yourself next time you get a questionable text.

When in doubt, contact the company (Chase, Amazon, USPS, Verizon, etc.) to confirm that they were trying to contact you about your account, a package being delivered, a contest you may have won, etc. In 2024, you can never be too sure! Here are some other scams to be on the lookout for...

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