Growing up in the Denver Metro Area, I loved the city. It felt bigger than life and traffic really doesn't tend to bother someone who is a teenager. As an adult with places to be and very little free time, I dread going down into the Denver Metro Area and if I can, I avoid it at all costs.

There used to be a time when it took less than an hour to get from Northern Colorado to the heart of Denver. Nowadays, I am lucky if I can make it to Longmont from Loveland in a mere 45 minutes due to all of the road construction.


Couple the road construction with hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles driving in one direction on Interstate 25 in an hour, traffic is pretty much terrible at any time of the day. Spending all that time in traffic cashes in on the most precious currency of them all, time.

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According to Replica, some Coloradans spend a lot of time in their vehicles every day. We're talking hours upon hours every week. So much time, that it could probably be considered a part-time job.

Denver Metro Area Residents Spend Hours in the Car Commuting Every Day

Replica's 2023 MSA Rankings show that workers and commuters in the Denver Metro area spend an average of 116.9 minutes in the vehicle every day. That is nearly two hours. Add all of that time up over a five-day work week, and you're looking at sitting in traffic in the Denver Metro Area for nearly 10 hours per week and more than 500 hours per year. If you are commuting from one of the Northern Colorado cities to the Denver area, chances are that your commute times are even longer.

The commute times for Denver Metro Area residents aren't even close to being on the top either. Commuters in Nashville, Tennessee spend nearly two and a half hours in their vehicles every day commuting to and from work. See more on the commute times for the 50 biggest cities in the United States at

Colorado Towns and Counties That Allow ATVs/OHVs on Their Roads

Off-road vehicles are a popular pastime in Colorado. Some towns even allow them to travel on their roads. There are, however, certain guidelines to follow.

Here's a breakdown of the towns and counties that allow ATVs/OHVs on their roads.

These are just summaries, and you should check the location's individual rules and restrictions before you go.

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