Outdoor activities for families in Colorado include getting out to a lake; whether it be to go boating, or hitting a swim beach.

New technology coming to Colorado lakes will keep them open more often; avoiding being shut down due to toxins, that are harmful to humans and our pets.

How many times have you had plans to go to one of Colorado's lakes beaches only to find they're closed because of algae? Things are about to change; so get ready for more fun in Colorado.

This technology has been used across the world and across America. Ultrasonic waves that are used to keep waters "cleaner," by killing toxic blue-green algae that may exist.

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A company that began in 2011 is bringing their technology to Windsor Lake, in Colorado; but the technology can be used at wastewater ponds, hydroelectric dams, large irrigation ponds, and more large bodies of water.

What Technology is Coming to Colorado Lakes to Keep Them Open, Longer?

It's ultrasonic wave technology developed by LG Sonic. According to their website, the ultrasonic waves trap the blue-green algae, keeping it from getting sunlight at the surface of the water, while also keeping it from getting nutrients from the bottom of the lake.

Being trapped without sun, nor nutrients, the algae then sink to the bottom and decompose naturally.

No aquatic organisms, animals, or humans are harmed in the process.

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How Do They Distribute the Ultrasonic Waves on Colorado Lakes?

They put "buoys" out onto the water; these buoys transmit the ultrasonic waves, while also monitoring conditions. Windsor Lake will be using four of the buoys.

LG Sonic Algae-fighting buoy

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