When Colorado's world-famous Bandimere Speedway closed in 2023, race fans were left with a huge void. While we don't officially know where Bandimere's new home will be, we do know what's happening to their former home.

Cars At Bandimere Speedway In Colorado Return, Kind Of.

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After more than six decades of racing on what was known to many as Bandimere or Thunder Mountain in Morrison, Colorado, the most famous drag racing speedway in the state closed down after the last season ended in October of 2023.

Noise complaints among other things led the family to sell the land, in hopes of rebuilding a bigger and upgraded track after taking a year off to enjoy some needed downtime. While the rumors regarding the new location have not been confirmed, it's a possibility they end up somewhere near DIA. All of that open space sure is filling up fast, isn't it?

What's Next For The Old Bandimere Speedway In Colorado?

While nothing will ever replace the memories made up on that special mountain in Morrison, life goes on and new businesses are lining up to breathe new life into the former drag racing track.

Recently, an online auction company submitted applications which were accepted by the town board members of Morrison, in the middle of May. The proposal states that the acquired land would be used for an online vehicle auction center.

Basically, the land will house used vehicles, boats, motorcycles, bigger construction equipment, and more, while waiting to be auctioned off online. While that venture won't use the entire space of the former speedway, they have plans for other retail, commercial, and even potential restaurants, which would be a great thing for Red Rocks concertgoers.

So, not quite the same use of vehicles on the mountain, but it's nice to know plans are being made and it wasn't left for nothing. Here's to hoping we get a new speedway location update soon.

Bandimere Speedway will be Remembered as a Colorado Treasure

After 65 years, the legendary Bandimere Speedway will be closing for good but will be remembered as a Colorado treasure for years to come.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

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