Everyone is a critic of something. Others have more to gripe about depending on the time of day. Head to any of the local Facebook groups and you will immediately see what I am talking about. People complain about too many people moving to Colorado, another restaurant or store from Texas coming to the state, and so on.


It's almost as if people like to complain about any and everything. I seriously cannot think of a topic that someone wouldn't pipe up and complain about. What is it about complaining that compels people to do it all the time?


Preply recently released a study showing which states like to complain the most. The survey ranks the complaints on a scale from 1 to 100. Various topics of complaints include everything from the cost of goods, driving habits or others, work, income, physical health, and more. I can more than understand the complaints about driving. Have you been down to the Denver Metro Area? There is constant traffic at any time and every day of the week.

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Survey Says Colorado Loves to Complain

Colorado ranked higher than I anticipated on the list in tenth place and a score of 91.68. I figured Colorado was an overall happy state to be in. Sure, there are things that can annoy people, but I surely did not see Colorado as a state that complains as much as this survey says it does. Maybe I should pay more attention to how people are saying things when they talk to see if they are really complaining.

The States That Complain the Worst

Preply's survey says that these are the five states that complain the most in the nation:

  • Nebraska
  • West Virginia
  • Nevada
  • Alabama

The state that was the absolute worst when it came to complaining was Alabama with an overall score of 99.77. See the full list of the states that complain the most and least at preply.com.

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