Hot dogs just might be the original food truck food. Hit the streets of New York or the beaches in Florida and California, and you’ll find plenty of carts serving up the easy on-the-go bite to eat.

But you won’t find Greeley’s favorite hot dog. In fact, the dog with the moniker hails from Fort Collins and can be found across Northern Colorado.

Steamy Weiners earned the People's Taste Award in 2023 at the Greeley Stampede. He’ll be back at the Greeley festival this summer, along with his regular routes.

Nick Simonds grills hot dogs on his food truck
Nick Simonds, Steamy Weiners

Meet Northern Colorado Food Truck Steamy Weiners

The food truck: Steamy Weiners

Dog slinger: Nick Simonds

Position: Owner

Home city: Fort Collins, Colorado

Steamy Weiners has been around since: 2020, yes started right in the middle of COVID

You can typically find the food truck: Every other Tuesday at the YMCA of Northern Colorado, weekends at the Liquor Kabinet in Fort Collins, and as the summer season gets rolling fairs, festivals and food truck rallies like Loveland’s Mehaffey Park Food Truck Rally. Follow @steamyweiners on Facebook to keep up with ’em.

Steaimy Weiners Reuben Weiner and slinky potato
Steamy Weiners

This Fort Collins food truck serves up: Charcoal-grilled hot dogs and hard-wood-smoked brats from a custom food truck patio.

The focus is specialty dogs; think the popular Reuben Weiner with pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing or the Morning Weiner with fried egg, bacon, home fries, cheddar cheese and maple syrup.

Steamy Weiner has the classic Chicago and plain dogs, too.

Oh, and the sides. You gotta have good sides to win Greeley Stampede’s People’s Taste Award. The potato slinky is a fun, fried, spiralized potato served on a stick.

And surprises. Because Steamy Weiners has a smoker on board, sometimes serves rib plates and other special items to change it up.

Price range: $7 to $12

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Simonds does this because: “Because I love it. Honestly. It's something I'm really passionate about. It's one of those things where I go to work, and I'm actually having fun. That's really hard to find.”

The thing that makes Steamy Weiners special is: Good meat (quarter-pound, all beef), toasted buns and that grill and smoke. Simonds goes so far as to source Applewood from a Northern Colorado arborist rather than Texas-style mesquite or hickory.

Educate us. A little 101 on hot dogs: Over charcoal, the hot dog casing doesn’t get mush like “dirty water” hot dogs.

What’s extra special about Steamy Weiners’ trailer? The trailer is 90 percent customized with a special back patio, modified grill and custom smoker.


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