It's not just a problem in Colorado but all over the country, and it's starting to get out of control. Should we be asked to tip folks selling t-shirts and other merchandise at concerts?

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When Will The Over-Tipping Stop?


Let's start by saying that if you're in a line of work that relies on tip money as part of your income, then this article isn't pointing in your direction at all. I hope in today's world, you're being very well taken care of for your hard work!

This is more about the folks who are getting paid a decent hourly wage, who are still looking to collect a little extra something on top of the already crazy prices we're paying for goods and services these days.

It's fairly easy for a $6 cup of coffee to quickly turn into a $8-10 cup of coffee with the pressure of tipping in 2024. The words "It's gonna ask you a couple of questions" while flipping over a tablet is enough to completely spin some people's anxiety out of control.

Should We Be Tipping People Selling Merchandise?


My wife said she saw this saying the other day... "If I don't sit, I don't tip," which perfectly fits into the question of whether we should feel obligated to tip certain places just because there's a place to add a tip to the total. The one that really has me tripping is the people selling overpriced merch at concerts and events...

I've seen it a few times, and it's always bugged me, but I needed some more input... When you buy a ridiculously overpriced t-shirt for $50-100 at a concert or event, should there even be an opportunity for them to ask to be tipped? I mean, what exactly did you do? Turn around and grab my shirt? This is where we must as a society draw the line, right?

I've seen memes where gas pumps are requesting tips, is this for real? The country, and Colorado in general has gotten way too tip-happy. Things are overpriced as it is, like concert merch, for example, it's unbelievable. So with those prices, pay your staff so we, the consumers, don't feel obligated to do that for you.

If you're an event facility, or in charge of setting up kiosks, please help remove these awkward encounters for your customers, and get rid of all of these extra and unnecessary tip options. If you're an hourly paid employee making $15+ an hour and are already serving over-priced products, there shouldn't be an expectation put on your loyal customers to overpay you for the job you're doing. It's just getting out of control...

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