If you're in Colorado and love yummy breakfast and extremely rare Pepsi flavors, you're in luck because IHOP has you covered with this exclusive new beverage option.

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Pepsi Brings Back Extremely Rare Flavor Exclusively To Colorado IHOP Restaurant's

If you're a soda drinker, you've likely picked a side... Are you Team Pepsi or Team Coke? Lately, I've been on Team Pepsi, but it tends to change every handful of years for some reason.

I love the different random flavors that both cola giants crank out, but Pepsi overall has grabbed my loyalty, when I'm not pounding my 100oz of water. One wild and very rare Pepsi flavor that was previously only able to be won, is back, and exclusively found in IHOP.

Rare Maple Syrup Pepsi Flavor Returns To Colorado IHOP's

Back in 2022, Pepsi and IHOP announced a collaboration on a special Maple Syrup flavored Pepsi, but you couldn't buy it in stores. You couldn't buy it at IHOP at the time either... The only way to get it was to win it through social media.

If you weren't one of the lucky 2000-ish winners of this extremely rare Pepsi flavor, it's OK because it's back. Described as "A perfect blend of maple syrup-flavored indulgence with the crisp, refreshing caramel notes of Pepsi," you can now enjoy this rare Pepsi flavor at all Colorado IHOP Restaurants.

While announced on April Fools, a quick call to the local IHOP in Loveland confirmed that it is not a joke and that people are already trying and loving this fun new flavor. Being Maple Syrup, it should pair up just perfectly with your pancakes, yum!

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