Are there Colorado vacation plans on your calendar for later in the year? Americans are avoiding crowds and high prices by spending time in smaller towns. and recently put out a list of America's best small towns, and one Colorado location made both lists.

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Both publications named Aspen, Colorado, the best small town in the Centennial State with less than 10,000 residents.

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Colorado's Best Small Town With Under 10,000 Residents's list of the best 100 small towns in America with less than 10,000 residents includes a stop in Colorado's Pitkin County. Home to just over 7000 residents, Aspen is an easy choice to represent Colorado as it is easily one of the coolest mountain towns on earth. If living in Aspen was not so expensive there would probably be more than 10,000 residents there in 2024.

Aspen's Small Town Surprises

In a town famous for amazing skiing and mountain hikes, you may not expect to find highly-ranked medical services like the ones at Aspen Valley Hospital. Additional mountain surprises include the Aspen Jazz Festival, Winter X Games, and World Alpine Skiing Championships. How many small towns with less than 10,000 residents offer that?

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Aspen is One Of A Kind

The city of Aspen is a beautiful place. You won't find many pristine mountain towns at 8000 feet with four world-class ski resorts, pristine city parks, well-funded schools, and an upscale shopping district. Aspen attracts a variety of people and cultures to the Rocky Mountains. Skiing is the glue that holds it all together. While it may be one of the most expensive small towns in Colorado, it is a paradise for those who can afford it.

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