If you're looking for some fun ideas for ways to spend the second half of summer, keep going to see what Grand Junction, Colorado has to say. We asked you to tell us the best part of summer in Colorado using five words or less.

Maybe your favorite part of summer is a cool treat from a local ice cream shop, a favorite swimming hole, or floating on the Colorado River. Whatever it is, open our station app and try to tell us without going over five words.

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Summer Eats are On Top

Colorado loves to eat, and summertime comes with its own menu. On the Western slope, this menu includes lots of summer peaches and sweet corn. Have you enjoyed some fresh Palisade Peach ice cream yet? Is a favorite food one of your favorite things about summer in Colorado?

We're Thankful for Our Rivers

Shout out to Eric who had one of our favorite answers, "Cold Water". We would not last the season without it. Cold water is absolutely one of the best parts of summer. We're thankful for being able to cool off in our area rivers, state parks, reservoirs, and even the potholes in Glade Park.

The End of the Heat Wave

What is the best part of summer in Colorado? One of the most popular answers was, "Fall is coming". How many triple-digit days can we endure before we start wishing for the cooler temps of fall? Or at least a break in the heat?

Keep going to see what else Grand Junction had to say about the best parts of summer in Colorado using five words or less.

The Best Part of Summer in Colorado in 5 Words or Less

What is the best part of summer in Western Colorado? Open our station app and tell us using five words or less. See what Grand Junction had to say in the photo gallery below. Can you do it using five words without going over the limit?

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