If you have a fire pit or a safe space for a bonfire on your Colorado property, you may be tempted to burn off some household trash from time to time. Is this legal in Colorado? 

What are the restrictions for building a fire on your property, and is it ok to burn whatever you want? Check out what the guidelines of the Centennial State have to say...

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Colorado Restrictions for Building an Outdoor Fire

The rules are pretty basic for building a recreational fire in the state of Colorado. A recreational fire is limited to a fuel area no greater than 3 feet and must be 2 feet or less in height. You should not build a fire in your backyard firepit on a Red Flag day or during any periods of sustained winds. Learn more about Grand Junction's outdoor burn regulations here. 

What Can I Burn In My Yard in Colorado?

In Colorado, you are allowed to burn items such as dry weeds, dry garden waste, and clean dry tree/shrub/bush trimmings (all less than one inch thick). In Mesa County and in Grand Junction, you will need to acquire a residential burn permit (they are free). Residential burns are allowed in Mesa County from March 1 to May 31st and September 1st to October 31st. Find out more about the necessary permit here.

What Is NOT Allowed To Be Burned in Mesa County?

It is illegal to burn household trash in your backyard firepit or bonfire. In Mesa County and in Grand Junction you are not allowed to burn tree stumps, treated wood, household trash, tires, plastics, motor oil, leaf or grass clippings, insulation, chemicals, aerosol cans, toxic materials, or commercial landscaping waste.

What is the Penalty for Burning Trash on a Bonfire?

While Colorado is the first to admit that enforcement of illegal burn penalties is rare, would you like  You could also be responsible for any damage to adjacent property, and even the cost of fire suppression. You may also face criminal prosecution in your county.

If you can't burn household trash can you simply throw it away in the trash? Maybe not. Scroll on to learn what can and can not be thrown out with the trash in the state of Colorado below.

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