What's the next best thing to going on vacation? If you can't get away, you can at least be ready to get away. Would you enjoy a stay-cation in Grand Junction, or head overseas to visit the pyramids? What was the last vacation destination you looked up online?

When winter brings cabin fever, beat the blues by heading to Google to find out a little more about a place you always wanted to visit. What do you think is Colorado's most googled vacation destination?

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Colorado's Most Googled Destination

Believe it or not, the vacation destination that Colorado googles the most is our very own Rocky Mountain National Park. It's a pretty epic destination so it's no surprise Coloradans want to make reservations, check road conditions, or see announcements for the upcoming season. Rocky Mountain National Park averages about 1,363,000 Google searches each year from residents of Colorado.

Cross-country Vacations

Most Coloradans like being outdoors. Several National Parks in other states made Colorado's top ten most Googled vacation destinations. Do you think most Coloradans would go east or west for vacation? Keep going to find out.

International Vacations

How far is too far? It turns out that Colorado has a couple of different European destinations we are Googling as well. Find out where they are in the gallery below. Keep going to see each of the top ten vacation destinations Colorado googles the most below.

Colorado’s Top Ten Most Googled Tourist Destinations

Ever wonder which vacation destinations are on the minds of Coloradans? We did too. It turns out, that the most googled vacation destination searched for by Coloradans is our own Rocky Mountain National Park. See what other vacation destinations Colorado is thinking about by scrolling through the photo gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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