The state of Colorado's record for the deadliest ski season dates back to the 2011-2012 season when 22 individuals died on the ski slopes throughout the Centennial State. As the 2023-2024 season comes to an end, a new report from KKCO shows 14 individuals died on Colorado's ski slopes this past winter, and a number of them as the result of a similar accident.

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The Colorado Sun compiles the data from 16 coroners to keep tabs on the number of fatalities that occur at our state's ski resorts each winter. The ski resorts do not necessarily report these figures to the public, but the coroners around the state do release some, or all of the information when asked.

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Number of Fatalities at Colorado Ski Resorts

Colorado's 2023-2024 ski season saw 14 deaths at 9 different ski resorts this winter ranging from the final days of December to late April of 2024. Of the 14 skiers who died, 6 were Colorado residents and 8 were individuals visiting from out of state. The ski resort with the most fatalities this winter was Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Deaths Caused By Tree Collisions

Of the 14 deaths that occurred on, or at Colorado Ski Areas/ Resorts, almost half of these poor individuals did so by running into a tree along a ski run. Scroll through the gallery below for a look at each accident.

Age of Victims

The oldest person to pass away on Colorado's ski slopes this year was a 78-year-old from New Hampshire who was skiing Purgatory's Intermediate Lower Peace Trail. They suffered blunt-force trauma to the neck and died as a result of their injuries. The skier was wearing a helmet. The youngest victim was 14 and died as the result of a collision with a tree

Colorado Coroners Report 14 Deaths on Ski Slopes This Season

Colorado saw fewer fatal accidents at ski resorts during the 2023-2024 season, with 14 fatalities compared to 17 deaths the season before. Scroll on to see where this season's fatal accidents occurred, and the cause of death of each of these tragic accidents.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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