Colorado is home to 28 ski resorts, making the Centennial State one of the best places to enjoy winter in the Rocky Mountains. You'll find tons of fun high on the slopes, and many ski resorts offer elaborate lodges with huge cocktail bars full of entertainment.

If you are not skiing, these places can be lots of fun. If you plan on hitting the slopes, it's important to know that alcohol and skiing do not mix in Colorado.

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Colorado Ski Safety Act

The Colorado Ski Safety Act of 1979 established reasonable standards for the operation of ski areas and the skiers using them. These laws help define the ski area, the duties of operators and passengers, penalties for skiers, and pages of guidance for liability. Tap this link to see the entire Colorado Ski Safety Act and its revisions here. 

Skiing While Under The Influence

The Colorado Ski Safety Act makes skiing under the influence of alcohol or drugs illegal in Colorado. Under Penalties for Skiers the law states, "No person shall move uphill on any passenger tramway or use any ski slope or trail while such person's ability to do so is impaired by the consumption of alcohol or the use of any controlled substance."

If you are too buzzed to drive, you are too buzzed to ski. Fines for violating portions of the Colorado Ski Safety Act go as high as $1000.

More Ways You Can Accidentally Break Colorado Laws

Colorado has several laws that govern outdoor activities. These laws are easy to violate if you don't know about them or if you forget about them. Let's look at a few common laws people tend to break by mistake in the Centennial State.

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