You know you're from a small town when you drive your friends to the party on a four-wheeler instead of getting in the truck. Today we're headed to some of Colorado's remote areas to take a closer look at towns that are almost too small to be real.

Don't blink because you might miss them. One thing that might surprise you is that each one of these itty bitty towns has its own fun fact that we will examine in the photo gallery below.

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Colorado's Tiniest Towns With Under 200 People

When we start looking at the smallest towns in Colorado by population, the 2020 census offers a handful of towns that are made up of one or two dozen households. That's it. A few of the small towns may be home to one lone grocery store or a co-op for residents to purchase supplies. Towns like Peetz, Bethune, Siebert, and Raymer are all home to less than 200 residents. Have you been to all four towns? Scroll on to learn more about them.

Colorado's Tiniest Towns With Less Than 100 People

Some of Colorado's towns are right on top of some of our ballistic missile silos on the eastern plains. Others are high up in the mountains and are all that remains of the gold and silver mining boom of yesteryear. Communities like Pitkin, Haswell, Starkville, Kim, and Branson are all still going strong today with well under 100 residents.

How Does Lakeside, Colorado Only Have 16 Residents?

Yes, Lakeside. The one right in the middle of one of the most congested parts of the Front Range is also the smallest town in the state. Lakeside was incorporated way back in 1907 before the Denver Metro was the size it is now. It's a little odd to see the town with the fewest residents so close to Denver itself. The municipality of Lakeside is home to Lake Rhoda which covers 20% of the land. There is a Walmart, as well as the Lakeside amusement park to take up space. 16 residents live here making this Colorado's smallest town, even if it's a technicality.

From Front Range to Western Slope: Explore Colorado's 12 Tiniest Towns

Don't blink, or you could miss them. Here are the top twelve tiniest towns in Colorado. From missile sites to amusement parks, searching for wide-open spaces starts here.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

MORE: Four Colorado Small Towns Rich in Millionaires

You'd be surprised where you'll find millionaires these days. They're popping up in smaller towns across the United States. Not long ago, four Colorado towns made the list of the top 25 towns with big millionaire populations.

Check out the gallery below and you'll see four Colorado towns rich with millionaires. Surprisingly, these might not be the towns you would have thought of.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

MORE: These 12 Colorado Small Towns Say 'Meet Me On Main Street'

If you love the feeling of community that is found on the Main Streets around America, you'll love a visit to the following towns right here in Colorado. Learn more about some of the oldest communities in the state that still feature this special part of old-time America.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams