The world moves pretty fast most days. One consequence is people can often forget to say 'thank you.' Little gestures of appreciation like this mean so much to those working hard to make Colorado a great place to work and play.

Today, we're saying thank you. We asked you to tell us what you think some of the most underappreciated jobs are on the Western Slope. Open the app chat on our station app to give a shoutout to a hard-working group of people in Grand Junction you think deserve it.

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You Deserve Our Thanks

One group of hard-working Coloradans who deserve our thanks each winter are all the snowplow drivers who risk their necks keeping our highways clear for winter travel. What about the life-flight helicopter pilots and EMTs we rely on in Western Colorado?

In the photo gallery below, you helped us get started with twenty jobs that are probably some of the most underappreciated in Colorado. Join us in recognizing them below.

What Things Make You Feel Appreciated At Work?

Employees who feel underappreciated often work in a place that has forgotten the little things that keep employees happy. Showing appreciation for your team and providing recognition are two things that go a long way to making employees feel appreciated.

Say Thank You with Personalized Awards

Does your office give out an employee of the month award? What about an Employee of the Year award? Do you work someplace that is supposed to give out these awards but does not? Personalized awards can go a long way in that they recognize accomplishments by individuals yet also make the group feel like everyone has a chance to be recognized.

Join us in giving a great big Western Colorado show of appreciation for the following jobs in the Centennial State featured in the gallery below.

Colorado Shows Love For 21 Underappreciated Jobs That Matter

How long has it been since someone at your job said thank you for all you do? It's probably long overdue, just like the pay increase you have more than earned but never get. We want to lead the charge in saying thank you to those who may feel they have the most underappreciated jobs in Western Colorado.

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