So, you think you know a lot about Colorado. Let's find out.

We can state the obvious and say that Colorado is the Centennial State. We all know that because it became statehood 100 years after the birth of the United States.

You also know that Denver is called the Mile High City because the 15th step of the capitol building is one mile above sea level.

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Colorado is Rich with History and Facts

It is said that the first people to call Colorado home were here around 13,500 years ago --and you think you're a native. 😁 The land was also home to many indigenous people from the Pueblo, Ute, Apache, Comanche, and Araphoes. The originating cultures of the land help share their knowledge for generations.

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We also have the Spanish heritage that shapes the majority of southern Colorado.

It would take a long time --and a lot of typing-- to give you a complete history lesson about the state, and what used to be.

To make this easier on me, and you, let's take a scroll through 20 of the most interesting facts about Colorado.

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