You can probably throw a rock and not hit a soul when visiting these tiny Colorado towns. We don't suggest you do that, you might hurt someone.

When people think about Colorado, they probably think of Denver or Colorado Springs where most of the population resides.

Or, they're thinking of the ski towns, which are normally low in population throughout the year, but grow when ski season is in session.

There are, however, small-small towns peppered throughout the state that have super tiny populations.

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What is Considered a Tiny Population in Colorado?

When you hear "tiny population" you're probably thinking of 1,000 people or less.

Think again, we're talking 100 (or close to) residents or less.

The most populated town on our list has 110 folks. This is based on the 2020 numbers, so it could be a bit more or less.

The least populated town? Yeah, they have 15 people living there. 15! You definitely know your neighbor. Heck, you probably had dinner with them.

Where are All These Small Colorado Towns?

All over the state. Although, I've never heard of some of these tows, let alone been to any of them.

The eastern plains and southeast are lucky to have many of these towns, especially when it comes to solitude.

A vast majority can be found in the mountains, where the weather and difficult access make it nearly impossible to come and go during the winter months.

If I had my way, I'd love to find one of these small towns to call home. The lack of people and access to desolate landscapes sounds like a dream.

Colorado Lowest-Populated Towns Throughout the State

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