Colorado is full of beautiful places you can visit on a whim. 

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For example, one of the best spots to take in some natural beauty can be found at the Denver Botanic Gardens

It has actually been ranked as one of the best in the entire country, coming in at sixth place. 

Speaking of natural wonders, we’ve also got beautiful spots like Estes Park, which has been nationally recognized as one of the world’s most breathtaking areas by the New York Times.

However, a new poll places a different wonder on the bucketlist of incredible Colorado sights. 

In fact, this one isn’t natural like the other two, but is man made. 

The Denver State Capitol Building Has Been Named the Most Beautiful Building in Colorado


The online magazine looked to find the best architecture in the entire United States. They looked at ratings from TripAdvisor to see which buildings were the most jaw dropping. 

For Colorado, it was Denver’s beautiful State Capitol building. 

They mentioned a few different factors that went into their decision. For one, they mention the building’s gold dome as being a major element. We definitely agree with that assessment. They also love the neoclassical style of it as well.

Some History Behind the Denver State Capitol Building


The Denver State Capitol building started construction in the 1890s, and was finally opened in November 1894. 

Architect Elijah E. Myers wanted to almost replicate the look of the United States Capitol, but using materials that are inherently based in the state. For example, he used Colorado’s very own white granite to construct it.

While we love the gold dome today, it wasn’t actually a part of the Colorado State Capitol when it first opened. The edition came 14 years afterwards in 1908, and was meant to commemorate the gold rush.

Finally, possibly the most beloved touch added to the building is that the fifteenth step is exactly at 5280 feet, which is marked as you walk up. Myers deliberately designed it so that you can see the sunset over the mountains from this vantage point. 

If you’d like to see the Denver State Capitol up close and personal, you can get free guided tours Monday-Friday between 10am-2pm.

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