It feels like Colorado is starting to become a popular landing spot for some of the country’s most renowned chains. 

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For one, an In-N-Out has made its way towards Loveland, bringing in their incredible sought after burgers and fries to Northern Colorado. 

Of course, the newest addition to this trend is Buc-ee’s. With the Texas-based chain heading out to Johnstown, there has been nothing short of insane hype surrounding the place. While some love the delicious snacks, others think the place is a bit overrated.  

However, a chain that has already been in Colorado is quickly becoming the fastest growing brand in the entire United States. 

In fact, if trends from last year are to be believed, Colorado could soon be overrun by these popular restaurants.

The United States’ Fastest Growing Brand, Cava, Is Taking the State By Storm

Yelp // Cava
Yelp // Cava

According to a comprehensive study done by Yelp, America’s fastest growing brand is Cava. To many, it almost feels like a Mediterranean take on Chipotle, where customers are able to pick each ingredient of their meal. 

Cava feels like a perfect match for Colorado in many ways. Given Coloradans’ general interest in health, more health centered chains like Cava fit the bill. 

While Cava is taking over the country in a general sense, Yelp found that it is also the fastest growing brand in Colorado. 

Generally, the chain saw a 54% growth in consumer interest across the country, and opened 72 new locations in 2023. 

What Are the Other Brands That Are Opening in Colorado?

Yelp // Chris C.
Yelp // Chris C.

Costco is the 43rd fastest growing brand in the United States, but ranks as the 5th fastest in Colorado. 

Interestingly, Cinnabon seems to be making a comeback, given that it’s the 4th fastest growing brand in Colorado. This falls in line with a trend that Yelp noticed, where classic food court spots like Cinnabon, Panda Express, and Wetzel’s Pretzels are gaining a ton of momentum. 

Taking the 3rd spot in Colorado is Insomnia Cookies, which continues the trend of Coloradans loving sweet treats. Nationally, the chain created a 13% increase in locals throughout 2023.

Finally, the 2nd fastest growing chain in Colorado was Panera Bread. Yelp found that their menu additions and expansions gave them a bump in consumer interest of 54%, the same as Cava.

Have you been to Cava? If so, what did you think?

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