Interestingly, most of the news surrounding mail in Colorado has been about scams.

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In 2023, we had a major problem with letter theft here in Colorado. It was to the point where it was recommended you didn’t send checks, since thieves were looking to snag them. 

The same thing was happening over the holidays as well, with thieves targeting Christmas money

However, we fortunately have mail news that isn’t just related to theft. 

It could, however, change how you receive mail.

USPS Recommends Coloradans to Use Larger Mailboxes


It would appear the Postal Service is tired of our smaller mailboxes.

They’re recommending everyone get a jumbo mailbox, which is much bigger and can even fit small packages inside.

According to CBS 11, they also want people to change how to take better care of their mailboxes.

This includes replacing hinges, repainting, remounting the mailbox, and replacing the house numbers.

Are You Required to Make These Changes?


Thankfully for many, it’s not a requirement. However, it would seem USPS highly recommends it.

They really want people to get that jumbo box, though.

Its dimensions, according to them, is 13.63” wide by 7.75” tall on the sides, and 12” tall at the center and 16.5” deep.

It certainly makes their lives easier, since they can fit entire packages inside.

If you want it, you can get the extra-large mailbox at plenty of hardware stores along with big box stores like Walmart.

What do you think? Are you going to get the larger mailbox, or are you just going to stick with what you've got right now?

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