The Fourth of July in Northern Colorado is an awesome time, with events like Greeley Stampede punctuating the festivities.

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With functions like these, it begs the question: Just how patriotic are Coloradans?

Every year, WalletHub does a study that looks at which states are the most patriotic in the country.

As we inch closer to Independence Day, it turns out Colorado has more pride for our country than almost anyone else.

Colorado Ranked 6th Most Patriotic State


According to WalletHub, Colorado easily is one of America’s most patriotic states, coming in at 6th.

To find the most patriotic states, they created a military engagement and civic engagement score.

For military engagement, they looked at statistics like the amount of both enlistees, active duty members, and veterans of the military and gave them a score. 

When it comes to this category, Colorado came in 11th. This makes sense given Colorado’s status as a major hub for the military, especially the Air Force.

Then comes the civic engagement score, which looks at statistics like the amount of people who voted in the 2020 elections, volunteer rate, people in the AmeriCorps or Peace Corps, and people who participate in any groups or organizations to name a few.

In this realm, Colorado rated a little higher in 10th place.

This gave Colorado a total score of 57.64.

What States Are More Patriotic Than Colorado?


Colorado actually was .02 points away from being in the Top 5.

The only states that are more patriotic than Colorado are: 

  1. Virginia - 64.34
  2. Alaska - 63.40
  3. Montana - 61.73
  4. Maine - 58.42
  5. Oregon - 57.65.

Notably, Colorado beat out Wyoming as a more patriotic state, with Wyoming sitting in 11th place.

Who Are the Least Patriotic States?


According to WalletHub, the five least patriotic states are:

  1. Arkansas
  2. New York
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Rhode Island
  5. Florida

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