There’s been a ton of sad closures as of late. 

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This extends to beloved breweries, such as Envy in Fort Collins back in February, and now Renegade out in Denver, which will be shutting its doors on May 3rd.

However, we’ve seen many chains close their doors in Colorado. There’s a strong possibility that Macy’s will be nixing some of its Colorado locations. 

On the other hand, all of Colorado’s Bed Bath & Beyond stores went down with the rest of the chain. 

However, there’s an interesting chain that has seen many closures over the past few years. Not many people know how local it is as well.

At One Point, Quiznos Was a Challenger for the Biggest Sub Chain in the Country

Getty Images // Justin Sullivan
Getty Images // Justin Sullivan

For a time, especially in the 1990s and 2000s, Quiznos was a popular sub chain that had a countrywide reach. 

The chain actually got its start right here in Colorado, with its first location opening in Denver in 1981.

At its height, Quiznos was doing something that today would seem impossible; challenge Subway for the title of most popular sub chain.

During its heyday, Quiznos had an astounding 4,700 locations across the United States. Today, that number is closer to 400.

Why Did Quiznos Fall Apart and How Many Locations Are Left in Colorado?

Getty Images // Jonathan Leibson
Getty Images // Jonathan Leibson

Quiznos’ downfall was swift and brutal, and there were multiple different factors involved that brought it down. 

For one, while Quiznos was at one point challenging Subway in the sub sandwich market, their competitor made a few changes that were a direct response to Quiznos.

According to Restaurant Business, Subway added toasters to their shops in 2005, a reaction to Quiznos' famous toasted subs. Most notably, the incredibly famous marketing campaign, the $5 Footlong, put a ton of pressure on Quiznos.

In response to the $5 Footlong, Quiznos came up with the idea of giving out free sub coupons, which angered people with franchises.

Finally, the recession played a major role. Between 2009 and 2010 alone, 1,500 stores closed.

In Colorado, there’s only 8 locations left: three in Denver, and one in Windsor, Brighton, Thornton, Lamar, and Littleton. 

Notably, the original Quiznos location in Denver closed in 2023. It closed because the owner was behind on over $12,000 in taxes. The building is now housing a nail salon.

If you were a fan of Quiznos, was there a location that you miss? If they were to make a comeback, where in Colorado would you want them to put some new shops?

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