Sometimes it's a lot of fun to check out ridiculously expensive and equally impressive real estate listings from the fancier parts of Colorado such as Vail, Cherry Creek, and Aspen.

However, this next property we're going to check out consists of not just one massive home, but a massive ranch as well.

Aspen Colorado Turnkey Red Mountain Estate

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First, we'll check out the gigantic mansion for sale, known as the Turnkey Red Mountain Estate.

As you'll see below, the home is absolutely massive at 8,000 square feet of living area, amazing views of the town of Aspen, Aspen Ski Resort, and Elk Mountains, and plenty of large windows to take in these views.

The massive home also features a movie theater, outdoor pool, billiards, poker room, and much more. In addition, the estate is a smart home and is known as one of the most prestigious properties in the Roaring Fork Valley.

This particular property is located at 768 Hunter Creek Road in Aspen.

Aspen Colorado Three Meadows Ranch

Next, we'll look at the other property included in this bundle of a listing, the 4,200-acre Three Meadows Ranch.

The ranch has numerous buildings including a main ranch house as well as a guest house, and even has a unique dome-shaped structure that is used as a greenhouse.

This property is located at 6800 Upper Cattle Creek in Aspen.

Together, these properties have a total of 16 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and equate to a total of 14,383 square feet of living space with a whopping $86,500,000 price tag.

Now comes the fun part. Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of both properties currently for sale as an $86.5 million bundle:

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