Today, it's hard to believe that there was a period in time in which alcoholic beverages were outlawed nationwide. It's also surprising to find out that the bar that has been consistently opened longer than any other in Denver, Colorado opened its door the day after prohibition was repealed.

Cruise Room Bar: Denver Colorado's Iconic Post-Prohibition Red Bar

Located at 1600 17th Street in the heart of downtown Denver, The Cruise Room Bar was first established back in 1933, just one day following the repeal of prohibition.

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In addition to operating consistently for nearly a century, The Cruise Room Bar also retains all of the decor in which it was first decorated including an antique jukebox that still works and is free of charge.

The walls feature an Art Deco style and the entire establishment was originally designed to look like a bar on a 1930s cruise ship, hence the name it's carried all these years.

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However, one of the most notable things about The Cruise Room is the lighting. The entire establishment is dimly lit using red neon lighting which reflects off of chrome, giving a classy yet almost secretive vibe throughout.

Speaking of classy, the bar is located in the historic Oxford Hotel which is a popular place for celebrities to stay, and the most popular drinks to order at the bar are The Cruise Room's signature martinis.

While technically not a speakeasy, The Cruise Room definitely exerts a similar vibe and is an important, yet somewhat hidden, part of the history of the Mile High City.

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