We've all seen the lists that seem to come out every year regarding the most dangerous cities in Colorado, and the usual suspects are typically always places like Pueblo, Aurora, Glendale, and Grand Junction.

However, it's much more seldom that we hear about the most dangerous roads in Colorado which, if we're being honest here, probably don't change too much from year to year.

Why Are These Colorado Roads So Dangerous?

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So, what makes a road particularly dangerous? For Colorado, our minds typically immediately go to the rugged mountain passes that have been around for centuries and were once used by miners to get from one mining community to another.

Today, many of these roads are closed in the winter due to dangerous driving conditions, and some of them are even lacking guardrails to help vehicles avoid drops that could be hundreds of feet down.

While many of these treacherous roads are considered to be the most dangerous in the state, there are also routes to be considered that are dangerous for the same reasons that Colorado's most dangerous towns have the reputations that they do.

Things like crime, frequency of fatal accidents, and road rage must also be considered when deciding which roads in the state of Colorado are the most dangerous.

Some of Colorado's Most Dangerous Roads are Well-Known

Naturally, notoriously treacherous mountain passes like The Million Dollar Highway make the list, but stretches of road that are infamous for crime such as Denver's East Colfax also make appearances.

In addition, a number of the routes that are considered to be the most dangerous in Colorado are anything but famous but have every right to be on the list alongside their more well-known counterparts.

Keep scrolling to check out, in no particular order, 16 of the most dangerous roads in the state of Colorado:

16 of the Most Dangerous Roads in Colorado

Some have rugged terrain, some are known for having a lot of accidents, but these are all 16 of the most dangerous roads in Colorado.

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