It's no secret that the state of Colorado is full of magnificent scenery, and many of these places can be visited via trails. Some of these trails are found high in the mountains, some are accessible via four-wheel-drive vehicles, and others are found meandering around towns and cities.

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While many of these trail routes are popular with locals and tourists alike, a new trail map created by a fairly new resident of the state connects enough of these trails to encompass the Denver metro area and will surely be added to the bucket lists of many Coloradans.

Add the Denver Orbital Trail to Your Colorado Bucket List

The Denver Orbital Trail was created by Michael Tormey, a man who, upon moving to Colorado, became enthralled with the many beautiful and scenic trails he discovered around the Denver metro area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The trail consists of a total of 28 segments and completes a 177-mile trek around the entire Denver metro area.

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Naturally, it isn't exactly realistic to expect even the fittest trail enthusiast to complete the entire trek in one fell swoop, but Tormey has designed the trail map in a way that each segment is attainable to cover.

In addition, the trail covers some of the best natural beauty of the metro area including Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Bear Creek Lake Park, Deer Creek Canyon, and more.

Check out the official website of the Denver Orbital Trail, created by Tormey himself, and check out descriptions of each segment prior to adding this amazing trek to your Colorado bucket list.

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