Despite being the home to numerous ski resorts, skiing or snowboarding in Colorado is not usually what one would consider cheap.

Sure, some ski resorts across the state are more affordable than others, but a unique experience for those who specialize in doing tricks on their skis and boards is available to anyone completely free of charge.

Colorado's Free Terrain Park for Skiers and Snowboarders

Back in 2007, Winter Park Resort and the Department of Parks and Recreation in Denver teamed up to give skiers and snowboarders a free terrain park known as the Ruby Hill Rail Yard.

Located relatively close to I-25 in south Denver, Ruby Hill is a sizeable park that Coloradans flock to for sledding, playing baseball, and plenty of other activities including the aforementioned rail park during certain winter months.

Not only is the rail yard totally free of charge, but it also offers free rentals for visitors which include snowboards, boots, helmets, and other equipment thanks to Winter Park and Denver Parks and Recreation.

This year, these free rentals will be available each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during certain daytime hours while the park remains open for the season.

Located at 1200 West Florida Avenue in South Denver, the Ruby Hill Rail Yard is a bit of a hidden gem for locals who specialize in doing tricks like jumps, flips, and grinds, as well as tamer terrain for less-advanced skiers and boarders.

The park is currently open for the 2024 season but before you plan a trip, keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of this unique winter terrain park:

Colorado is Home to a Free Terrain Park for Skiers + Snowboarders

A terrain park open to skiers and snowboarders has been operating in Colorado since 2007 and is completely free of charge.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

Smoke Shacks are Secret Manmade Huts on Colorado Ski Mountains

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

If you’re not a ski bum or a ‘local’ in a ski town, you may not know about the secret, manmade huts on Colorado ski mountains known as ‘smoke shacks.’

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Unique Experience for Expert Skiers + Snowboarders in Colorado

The ski resort in Silverton, Colorado offers one of the most unique skiing and snowboarding experiences you’ve ever heard of.

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