Colorado will be enacting 16 new laws in July of 2024 alone, addressing topics like gun safety, gender discrimination, election standards, occupancy, and more.

Colorado's New Laws as of July 1, 2024

Let's take a look at these laws and what they address:

  • Prohibit Residential Occupancy Limits - House Bill 24-1007 prohibits local government entities from limiting the number of people permitted to occupy a residence.
  • Gender-Related Bias-Motivated Crimes - Senate Bill 24-189 adds parameters for bias-motivated crimes to include gender.
  • Prohibiting Carrying Firearms in Sensitive Spaces - Senate Bill 24-131 prohibits carrying firearms in most local government buildings and parking lots.
  • Candidate Election Deepfake Disclosures - House Bill 24-1147 addresses AI-generated images and requires disclosure if used in election materials.
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  • False Slates of Electors - House Bill 24-1150 prohibits the creation or use of a false slate of electors in an election and carries significant penalties if the law is found to be broken.
  • Protection of Victims of Sexual Offenses - House Bill 24-1072 further limits the types of information permitted to be released regarding victims of sexual offenses to include gender traits.
  • Public Trustee Fees - House Bill 24-1443 increases fees awarded to public trustees.
  • Environmental Sustainability Circular Economy - House Bill 24-1449 is an update to the Pollution Prevention Act of 1992, replacing corresponding committees with new entities.
  • Fee Changes Health-Care Cash Funds - House Bill 24-1417 establishes the amounts of fees that the state board of health may increase regarding several entities.
  • Community Food Assistance Provider Grant Program - House Bill 24-1407 combines two previously separate food assistance programs into one new program known as the Community Food Assistance Provider Grant Program.
  • Increase in Property Tax Exemption Filing Fees - House Bill 24-1411 increases fees regarding tax exemption filing to be adjusted for inflation.
  • Colorado Disability Opportunity Office - House Bill 24-1360 establishes the Colorado Disability Opportunity Office, an entity designed to assist individuals with disabilities to enter into the workforce or other aspects of their communities.
  • Regulate Sale Transfer Sodium Nitrite - House Bill 24-1081 limits the sale of products containing sodium nitrate to contain 10% or less of the chemical.
  • Issuance of Treasurer’s Deeds - House Bill 24-1056 adjusts regulations regarding property tax liens based on a related Supreme Court decision.
  • Additional PERA Service Retirees for Schools - House Bill 24-1044 permits employers to hire individuals receiving PERA if needed without affecting the employee's benefits.
  • Railroad Safety Requirements - House Bill 24-1030 addresses situations in which public safety may be impeded by train activity in hopes of increasing safety measures during emergency situations.

For more detailed explanations of the new laws, visit The State of Colorado's official website.


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