Thanks to Colorado's rich history and its many successful efforts to preserve properties that have been around for, in some cases, over a century, it's not uncommon to stumble upon real estate listings that have outlived their original inhabitants.

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One property that is currently listed for sale is over a century old and as if that distinction wasn't unique enough, its design can accommodate up to 11 households.

Historic Colorado 8-Plex for Sale in Pueblo Colorado

In case you're not familiar, Pueblo, Colorado is a city on the southeastern stretch of the I-25 corridor with a lot of history.

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That being said, it should come as no surprise that a home in the Steel City that is currently for sale dates all the way back to 1900.

Located at 126 East Grant Avenue, the 7,841-square-foot home is technically an 8-plex with a total of 11 bedrooms, and eight bathrooms, and has the potential to be converted into a 10-plex.

The area of Pueblo in which the property is located is not just historic, but picturesque and in close proximity to various restaurants and retail shops.

While most of the Victorian architecture is still intact, the home has been updated consistently over the years.

This unique real estate opportunity is currently listed for $1.3 million and as you'll see below, is certainly remarkable in its own right not only due to its age but for the vast amount of living space and ability to accommodate multiple tenants after all these years:

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